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Death In A Harsh Land - eBook Small.jpg

Death in a Harsh Land  


No matter how deep you dig, you can't bury the past...


Detective Jack Martin looks forward to a carefree summer in the Colorado Rockies. But fate has other plans. After a call from an old friend, Jack is on the road to Texas, headed for certain danger.


After archeologists unearth human bones on a family ranch, one of them is mysteriously murdered. Law enforcement is quick to blame Mexican cartels. Others blame an organized band of thieves wreaking havoc on area ranchers. 


As Jack digs for the truth, things become even more sinister. The family patriarch has recently died in a tragic accident. But now Jack wonders if it was murder.


Could a legend of lost treasure provide a clue to the mystery? Will Jack find the killer before someone else dies?


Returning to Texas, Jack faces a part of his past that has haunted him for decades. But it’s not retribution he’s after. It’s justice.


DEATH IN A HARSH LAND is a story of murder and mystery set in the unforgiving landscape of West Texas, and the fifth book in the suspenseful Mountain Resort Mystery Series.

Mountain Resort Mystery Series Book 5

Murder in the San Juans - eBook Small.jpg

Murder in the San Juans  


The most beautiful places often hide the deadliest secrets...


Life in the mountains isn't as peaceful as Detective Jack Martin expected. Just as things settle down after his last case, a congressman's plane is blown out of the sky and comes to rest in the snowy peaks high above town.


Jack's gut tells him it wasn't an accident. But while unraveling the mystery, he gets caught in the crossfire between deception and greed. And the deeper he digs, the more he puts his own life in danger. It's a grueling investigation that has him wondering how well we really know those we trust.


Can Jack untangle the murderous web of lies and solve the case before he gets trapped in the killer's deadly scheme?


Murder in the San Juans is a gripping tale of betrayal in the formidable San Juan Mountains around Telluride, Colorado, and the fourth book in the suspenseful Mountain Resort Mystery Series.

Mountain Resort Mystery Series Book 4

The Killing Storm - eBook.jpg

The Killing Storm  


Sometimes the deadliest storms have nothing to do with the weather.


Fearing for her life, celebrity author Alice Fremont asks detective Jack Martin for protection.  But during the deadliest storm of the season, Alice goes missing from her historic estate in the Colorado Rockies.


Now Jack is determined to find her.  Yet during his search, he’s faced with a blizzard of secrets and lies.


The stakes are high, and some of the locals—including those closest to Alice—don’t like strangers asking questions.  And at least one will do whatever it takes to keep their secret.


Will Jack’s latest game of cat and mouse be his last?


The Killing Storm is a fast-paced whodunit set in the chilling winter landscape of Telluride, Colorado, and the third book in the suspenseful Mountain Resort Mystery Series.

Mountain Resort Mystery Series Book 3

Everything To Lose by Shannon Work

Everything To Lose

When the truth could cost you everything... Sometimes murder is the only way out.


When her husband is found dead in their Vail, Colorado mansion, Victoria Banks is accused of murder. Determined to prove her innocence, she hires famed detective Jack Martin to help find the real killer.

But when the two uncover a sinister plot some would kill to keep secret, could it cost both of them their lives?

With a growing list of suspects, can Jack find the killer in time to prove Victoria's innocence? Or will he discover his beautiful client is actually guilty of murder?

From the mountain luxury of Vail, Colorado, to the oilfields outside Denver, Everything To Lose is a page-turning story of murder and greed.

Mountain Resort Mystery Series Book 2

Now I See You by Shannon Work



Now I See You


Two murders. A terrified mountain resort. Can a daring reporter help stop an avalanche of bodies before she becomes the next victim?


Celebrity TV anchor Georgia Glass wants out of Denver and far away from her obsessed fan. Set to host her own investigative crime show in LA, she’s surprised to inherit a Victorian house in Aspen from a mysterious uncle she never knew. But while exploring the gothic property, she discovers the frozen corpse of a missing heiress.


Georgia’s journalist instincts kick in and she is determined to help police track down the killer. But by investigating the murder, has she made herself the killer’s next target?


Can Georgia help solve the case before she becomes the next victim? Or will the stalker that followed her to Aspen get her first?


Now I See You is a fast-paced whodunit set amidst the spectacular scenery of Aspen, Colorado. 

Mountain Resort Mystery Series Book 1

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