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Murder in the San Juans

Murder in the San Juans, Book 4 in the Mountain Resort Mystery Series, will be out in time for Christmas. As with all of my books, it will be available in a Large Print version as well as eBook and paperback.

Jack and Crockett find themselves knee-deep in another deadly adventure set in Telluride, Colorado. I had so much fun writing this book. I hope you will read it and enjoy it!

Here's a synopsis:

Life in the mountains isn’t as peaceful as Detective Jack Martin expected. Just as things settle down after his last case, a congressman’s plane is blown out of the sky and comes to rest in the snowy peaks high above town.

Jack’s gut tells him it wasn’t an accident. But while unraveling the mystery, he gets caught in the crossfire between deception and greed. And the deeper he digs, the more he puts his own life in danger. It’s a grueling investigation that has him wondering how well we really know those we trust.

Can Jack untangle the murderous web of lies and solve the case before he gets trapped in the killer’s deadly scheme?

Murder in the San Juans is a gripping tale of betrayal in the formidable San Juan Mountains around Telluride, Colorado, and the fourth book in the suspenseful Mountain Resort Mystery Series.


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